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    Lake Weed Removal Pros will also service your lakefront property in the Detroit Lakes area. Detroit lakes is known for its beautiful lakes and large green forrests. If you are ever visiting Detroit Lakes you'll be happy to find that there are plenty of fun activities to do outdoors such as hiking, boating, fishing, biking, golfing, parks, and exploring. You can also enjoy several museums and art galleries. Detroit Lakes, Minnesota is home to some of the best fishing in Minnesota. Whether you are fishing for walleye, northern pike, bass, or crappie, you'll have a great time in Detroit Lakes. Detroit Lakes also plays host to the very popular WE fest. visitors from all over the states will show up for the three day event. Detroit Lakes is a wonderful place to take your family to explore.


    Lake Weed Removal Pros wants to help keep Detroit lakes a clean, healthy and safe environment for all. Our services include cleaning up all of those pesky lake weeds and zebra mussels on your lakefront property. We are chemical free and machine free when digging up all lake weeds to ensure that the bottom of your lakes stays relatively untouched. We use scuba gear to dive down and hand pick all zebra mussels and lake weeds by the root in your Detroit Lakes area. Our services include pulling all lake weeds and zebra mussels by hand from your docks, boats, beaches, boat slips, and shorelines. We will also retrieve any items you may have lost or if there is anything else at the bottom of your lake property. If you have any questions on our process or would like a FREE quote, call 612-454-0357.



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