• Miscellaneous Removal/Retrieval In Minnetonka, MN

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    Lake Weed Removal Pros not only specializes in removing lake weeds and mussels, but also specializes in removing debris from the bottom of your lake property. Our goal is to keep our lakes in Minnesota clean and healthy. Our trained professional crews use scuba gear to cover every inch of your lake property. They dive down and search for any sort of debris that shouldn't be in your lake such as glass bottles, metal cans, cement pieces, rusty metal, old fish hooks and line, and anything else that doesn't belong. Our diving crews pick everything up by hand without the use of machines that would potentially disturb the bottom of the lake. This way, we can keep our lakes and clean and healthy as possible.

    Cleaning up your lake and removing everything that shouldn't be there plays a critical role in maintaining the ecological balance of lakes everywhere in Minnesota and preventing pollution, which can harm aquatic life and create safety hazards for your kid swimmers, boaters, and other water users.

    Lake Weed Removal Pros will come out to your property and come up with a customized plan to fit your property. We aim to keep our lakes clean, safe, and healthy for as long as possible with the help of homeowners like you! Please reach out and call us at 612-454-0357 for a FREE quote today!