• Invasive Zebra Mussel Removal In Minnetonka, Prior Lake, Detroit Lakes, and Brainerd, MN

    Best zebra mussel removal service in Hennepin County!


    Lake Weed Removal Pros offers a couple different services, one of which is aimed at eradicating the invasive zebra mussel species from lakes in the Minnetonka area. Zebra mussels are small freshwater mollusks that have become a major problem in North America and Europe, causing significant ecological and economic damage. These mussels clog water intake pipes and attach themselves to boats, docks, and other structures, making it difficult to use these facilities. Lake Weed Removal Pros use scuba gear to pick these mussels off of your docks, boats, and the bottom of your shoreline. We do not use any chemicals or harvesters. We hand pick every last muscle without using a vacuum.


    One of the key advantages of using Lake Weed Removal Pros is our expertise and experience in dealing with these challenging creatures. Our trained professionals are very familiar with the behavior and habits of zebra mussels. By hiring a professional company, you can be assured that the job will be done safely and effectively, without causing harm to the environment or aquatic life. We will develop a custom plan for each one of our clients to make sure that all partys involved are happy when the job is done. Please call 612-454-0357 for a FREE quote today!